Indoor air is often polluted by odours, dust, etc. It has been proven that this dirt is the cause of several ailments that we suffer from regularly. So how can you limit the pollution in your home? Find out in this article.

Clean your house more often

To have less polluted air, do more cleaning. So vacuum your house when you need to, to suck up as much dust as possible. This will deodorise your rooms and at the same time protect your health. Take time to clean your home thoroughly. It is advisable to avoid using feather dusters, brooms and the like. This will only put more dust in the air. In addition, to limit pollution in your home, think about cleaning your various appliances (television, computer, household appliances and box). These are the appliances that collect the most dust.

Air your home

Outside air is cleaner than inside air. So make sure you air your house more often. Even if you are located by the road, you can do this. The air will come in to blow out the dirt particles that are left in your rooms. When you are doing activities such as DIY, also consider opening your windows so that the air can be renewed. Also, consider adopting a ventilation system in your home. They efficiently stir the air and keep it clean at all times. But you also need to maintain it as much as possible to keep it working properly.

Opt for plants in your home

Plants are known to suck the dust out of the air in a house. In addition, they give off good smells in your rooms. There are special plants that allow you to purify the indoor air. For example, the dragon tree marginata is known to remove various pollutants from the house. Note that most of these plants do not require regular maintenance. So they make it easy for you to clean your air.