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Opt for glass-like partitions to be painted white rather than black to blend in with the walls and increase the effect of transparency. An excellent solution to bring light into a blind area, to separate a kitchen from a living room, an office area from a corridor.



This season’s trend in garden decoration is to choose outdoor furniture that we would also have seen in our interiors! Thus, we rather bet on furniture with modern lines, on a swing or a contemporary hanging chair, on enveloping and cosy armchairs as beautiful inside as outside!


How to limit pollution in a house ?

How to limit pollution in a house ?

Indoor air is often polluted by odours, dust, etc. It has been proven that this dirt is the cause of several ailments that we suffer from regularly. So how can you limit the pollution in your home? Find out in this article. Clean your house more often To have less...

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What are the most common skin infections

What are the most common skin infections

As the tissue that separates organisms from external contact, the skin is subject to many pressures. This explains why diseases sometimes appear on the skin that are mostly incurable but can be tamed. Here are some of the most common of these conditions. Acne  ...

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Boost nutrition and hydration with a serum.

If you wish to keep your current cream, you can use a moisturizing serum or a nutritive serum, to be applied before your day and night cream, on cleansed skin. This allows you to multiply the layers to protect your skin, as if you were wearing several layers to protect yourself from the cold!

Notes" and "Reminders" applications

These are surely the two applications to use in a phone for a good organization! My “Notes” are organized by theme and the “Reminders” are a bit like the agenda but more concise. In the sense that I’m only going to write down small everyday things.